School Desks – a Part of the Past

Today's children may be called the "digital" generation: they spend much time online, draw information from the Internet. In general, they cannot imagine life without technology. By 2020, the "digital" kids will constitute 50% of the world population. Because of this, secondary education will gradually move online.

Universities will lose their monopoly on knowledge

In higher education, there will be changes too. The development of the projects of massive online courses, such as Coursera, EdX and others, will shake up the current system because they provide access to the best professors and lectures around the world. Therefore the value of knowledge gained in these courses will grow rapidly. But this does not mean that universities will not have students. After all, there are those who need to be forced to learn. For them mixed programs will be developed: for example, students will listen to lectures online at home, and then come to the institute for workshops, consultations etc. But in any case, the future belongs to online courses. In addition, many online projects are now actively working on the recognition of their certificates. Thus, it is possible that in the future they will become strong competitors to college diplomas.

No More Marks

In the world there are more and more schools that refuse to give marks because they no longer motivate children. Moreover, sometimes they even demotivate. Furthermore, in an effort to get the highest score, many students begin to learn for the sake of ratings, but not for knowledge. Moreover, according to experts, the marks will no longer be needed as the schooling will be based entirely on project work, and the project itself is the result of how the student has learned the material. The teacher, seeing its quality, will decide what to do with the student. If the project is of high quality, the teacher will allow him or her to move on in their studies, if it is of poor quality, the teacher will not allow moving on until they improve their project.

Learning Mode 24/ 7

Due to the rapid development of the modern world, education becomes the task of a person's life and he or she will have to learn constantly. Some industries emerge, the other – die. In some 15-20 years, representatives of certain professions will not work - they will be replaced by robots or "smart" resources. There already are robotic vehicles, which cover hundreds of kilometres on their own, automatic accounting and travel services etc. People who lose their jobs will have to be retrained. The rest is to constantly update their knowledge visiting master classes, workshops, courses. As now, the knowledge quickly becomes obsolete.

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