Five Steps To Effective Time Management

New Year has already started! A lot of great things have happened and many ideas were embodied. But we are ambitious and never stop! I'm sure you already have super plans for this year and think about how to realize them. It is important to prioritize your checklist. These 5 steps to effective time management will help to use every moment of this year to get closer to your dreams.

  1. Start each day putting down three to five important things to do today. Ask yourself the question: "What are the five things I have to do today?" Write them down in order of importance.

  2. Work on their implementation. Perform each task until the end and only then proceed to the next. You shouldn’t handle several things simultaneously. Concentrate on one thing that you must do at the moment, and make it to the end. This will help you develop your focus, which means that you will carry out all the planned business without any problems.

  3. Start with the most important (or complex) case. Performing the most important tasks in the beginning always leads to success and releases a lot of energy. When these hurdles are removed out of the way, you can easily and naturally complete other less important and complex cases. Most people do the opposite: they put off the most difficult and important things for later and doing something completely useless. This is the quickest way to laxity and irresponsibility.

  4. Group the remaining work. Paperwork, checking email, orders, etc. are incredibly powerful chronophages. The worst thing is checking for new emails, orders etc. every few minutes. Make yourself a schedule - perhaps after you do something important, you will spend 15 minutes checking these killers of time, and then return to the main job again. The best time for paperwork, checking your mail and other minor things is the end of the working day. Despite the fact that these things seem important (and some of them are really are), do not spend on them too long. You have to do the 3-5 most important things, and take up the rest later.

  5. Get ready for tomorrow in advance. Before you leave the office, make a to-do list for tomorrow. This will help you the next morning to be more "tuned into" the forthcoming work on the way to the office. Moreover, it will save you time to rest because you will not have to plan before bedtime or in the morning.

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