Distance Learning: Myths & Reality

We continue our discussion of modern tendencies in education. Some people predict that online education will make a real revolution in educational process. Among the main benefits, the most important is the possibility for everybody in the world to get unique knowledge from the world's best universities. In this short remark we want to introduce and comment on the most popular myths about distance learning.

Myth one: the quality of knowledge acquired during full-time education is much higher than during distance education

The outcome of learning, namely the level and quality of knowledge, depends primarily on the experience and qualifications of the teacher, as well as the peculiarities of the curriculum. The high quality of distance education is achieved by setting up a comfortable and individual pace and schedule of training, teaching materials tested in practice during years and individually completed practical tasks.

Myth Two: distance learning is the same as part-time learning

The basis of part-time learning is a completely independent study of materials. Distance learning is different in that the listener, like a student, is present at a class but virtually: on webinars (through online communication) the lecturer not only gives a video lesson but also supports and gives consultations to listeners.

Myth Three: minimum of contact with the teacher

For classes, lecturers use online webinars where live communication between the listeners and the teachers is possible.

Myth Four: distance learning is only accessible to computer-proficient learners

To study online it is enough to master the initial skills of work with a PC, namely to switch it on and access the World Wide Web.

We can conclude that online education is available almost for everyone! Everything depends on your desire to study and discover new horizons! Don't miss the chance to subscribe to new Coursera or EdX courses, follow our blog and watch our video lessons.

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