Pros and Cons of Distance Learning

 Overcoming the distance

Advantage: Distance learning shortcuts the distance between student and teacher. This is useful, for example, for residents of developing countries who do not feel satisfied with the level of service and quality of local educational institutions. Sometimes there is a lack of qualified professionals. Students are also limited in their choice of courses. Through distance learning, students will be able to take these courses without leaving home. It is convenient and comfortable. All you need is Internet connection, a computer and a microphone, and if you want to establish visual contact with the teacher, you should use a webcam.

Disadvantage: On the other hand, the atmosphere of your home is not always conducive to effective learning and memorization. Household chores and children may distract you and prevent you from focusing on the lesson.


Save time

Advantage: Distance learning helps you save the time you spend on travelling to school. It is particularly convenient for people who have a tight schedule and cannot afford to spend an extra hour, for example, waiting in traffic jams. Distance learning course gives you the opportunity to take a trial lesson. Students also have a flexible schedule - you choose the number and duration of classes.

Disadvantage: On the other hand, you may use the time you saved ineffectively. Distance learning course requires of the student the ability to organize their own learning process. There will not be a teacher nearby who will be constantly checking homework. Precious class time is not spent to check homework. Instead, the focus of the online lessons is on practice.

Therefore, the student who choose a distance learning course has to be patient, able to focus and possess a high level of self-control to use the time between classes efficiently.


New Technologies - New Opportunities

Benefit: During training, the materials used are distributed in electronic format and can be viewed at any time. During online classes the lecturer uses additional resources, carefully selected through the Internet. Video lectures can be replayed several times to understand the material better.

Disadvantage: During regular classes, you can also clarify challenging moments with your lecturer. Such consultations are more effective than listening to a recording, as during a live conversation with the lecturer some new, previously unknown or forgotten details, which you can specify, learn or remember, can be detected.

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