5 Lifehacks for Everybody

 Manage Stress

The world is cruel. There will always be angry people, tasks with unrealistic deadlines and inevitably the time will come when you will somehow have to get up and run fast to meet the deadlines and pass everything, and in such a case, you will not be able to avoid stress.

Realise that studies are an on-going process. If you learn and hand everything in on the last day, you will not acquire necessary skills and your training is useless.

Learn to be calmer. Turn a deaf ear to things and events that you do not need. Find your inner peace. Choose a different time to worry. Take up meditation. Meditation is challenging. You can just do the basic techniques.


Everybody is a leader in a particular field. It will be very useful if people see such a quality in you.

Be a good follower. Join clubs if you can. Observe the leader of the club. Evaluate his or her personal traits. Learn from him or her.

Be charismatic. Behave like a leader. This means that you should be confident and tidy.

So make your choices confidently. Do it but remember: making quick and justified choices is the key to a good decision.

Learn to identify strengths and weaknesses

Think of 10 of your friends at random. Determine what their strengths and weaknesses are. E. g., maybe they are good speakers but they are shy.

And the most important thing: study continuously. Do you think that all learning stops when you finish an educational institution? This is a common mistake students make. Learning must be lifelong. Study.

Start with one thing. Choose one question that you like the most. It must be something that you really like. Go to the library or browse Internet sites and find out about everything you can about it. You will enjoy learning.

Learn fast reading. You will learn better and be able to focus better.

People’s skills

Dealing with people can be the most difficult thing you will have to do. Everyone is unpredictable: acquire conversation skills with different people.

- Ordinary conversation

When you're on the bus, try to talk to strangers. But please, do not talk only with people of the opposite sex, it would be unfair.

- Learn to listen

Listen to your friends. If they share their problems, just try and listen to them. You may not even state your own opinion.


There comes a time when we become desperate and disappointed in something. Choose an activity that will uplift you.

Achieve a small success every day. Encourage every bit of success in anything. Thus, you will be enthusiastic for achievements.

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