Interesting facts about education

• The longest university lecture lasted for more than 50 hours. It was read in one of the Australian universities by Professor Burrows within the course of biology.

• The highest cost of primary and secondary education per capita is in Alaska. The lowest - in Somalia.

• The U.S. has the longest period of education among all countries of the world.

• The world record for the number of pupils in one school was documented in India: in 2003-2004 almost 28,000 children attended Montessori school.

• The oldest university of the now existing is Karaouine - a Muslim high school located in Morocco. It was founded in 859.

• According to European statistics men who have received higher education on average weight less, have lower blood pressure and are susceptible to cardiovascular disease. However, they are less likely to abuse alcohol and tobacco.

• In European universities there are many interesting and strange traditions which nevertheless are often strictly observed by graduates and students throughout the centuries. For example, on the last day of preparation for exams Harvard students should run a circle around Harvard Yard at midnight completely naked. This action is accompanied by a performance of the orchestra.

• Teachers have the highest salaries in Switzerland. However, the biggest teaching fee was paid in America to Roland Dant, PhD, for a two-day course on hypnosis treatment. The fee amounted to more than $3 million.

• In almost all the universities in the European Union there are more women than men. The exception is Germany. In addition, in less affluent countries, men possess a much higher to the level of education than female population: for example, the proportion of women in the total number of literate population in India is only 25%.

• Employees with higher education in the U.S. are on average 2.5 times more highly paid than those without a diploma.

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