How to increase motivation to learn

Almost everything depends on motivation. It determines whether you will find the will to get down to work, what amount of pressure will you be able to withstand, what techniques (painstaking or not) will you choose, how hard will you be able to concentrate and, of course, your results.

The right targets

Psychologists believe that the most motivating goals are on the verge of today's probabilities. The desire to achieve almost the impossible makes us work harder. At the same time, the goal should be achievable, although difficult. Thus, it is the daring realists that win. It helps to consider the goal as a stepping stone to higher goals - a dream job or enhancement of the business. Negative motivation also works sometimes: having uneducated parents, the child may want to get a higher education and achieve more in life.

Under control

Before you start working, find out what and at what level you should master. Students often make the mistake of trying to study thoroughly the first page of the given thirty-page chapter. Therefore, before you actually begin learning the material, realistically estimate the time and effort required degree for the work. From the earliest days in high school, learn to identify the necessary and the additional. This will prevent fatigue and the decrease of motivation. Try to make sense of each task, even if you have to seriously strain your imagination.

Be your own coach

Seek emotional support of friends and relatives. But you'd better learn how to motivate yourself. Ideally, describe brightly on paper several cases when you got excellent grades as a result of hard work. And every time you don’t want to study, review your history of success. You can use not only your learning experience - you can use any other advance achieved through hard work. Focusing on the positive experiences will set your mind for success.


If the task seems insurmountable, the best way to survive it is to break it down into parts: the more boring or complicated the task, the greater the number of pieces. And make a list on a separate sheet of paper. As the task is being completed, cross items out or put ticks next to them. Monitoring the progress of your work will help you not to quit halfway a step before finish.

Active techniques

Just reading does motivate only if the material is good. But in this case it is quite easy to make yourself do the task. But what if the information is not interesting? Use methods of interaction with the text. Highlight in color, create a system of mark signs in the margins, try to guess the lecturer’s questions, make notes, apply knowledge to practice, create self-control cards - real or virtual. The process of working with text can be much more interesting than cramming the boring material.

Be daring realists, work out a strategy before acting, focus on previous experiences of success, break the work down into pieces and interact with the text – those are the secrets of successful learning. You won’t be able to avoid work, but you should work correctly, without repeating the mistakes of others.

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