7 Habits of Successful People

In search of the secret of success we read loads of books and articles, look for role models in terms of success and even attend lectures and trainings. And all this isn’t synonymous to self-development. It may all turn out to be much easier, as it is difficult to add something to these seven theses. You only have to start acting.

1. Be proactive

Proactivity is when a person takes responsibility for his or her own life. We are endowed with free will which allows us to make decisions and take responsibility for their consequences. Reactive people are subject to the circumstances and justify their failures to external factors while the proactive take the initiative and do everything possible to reach the goal.

2. Visualize your goal

To achieve something in life, you should first clearly understand exactly where you are headed. Awareness of your true goals may get blurred in the daily hustle and bustle, which leads to wastage of time and effort on minor things. Therefore – get used to keeping in mind a clear image of what you want to achieve. Everything is created twice - first on a mental level, and then - on the physical.

3. Arrange priorities

Having set your goals, identify the crucial steps needed to achieve them. We usually pay most attention to urgent affairs that require immediate response. All the while, we constantly put off for later the really important things that do not pressure us with urgency. Regularly select the time for things that are strategically important for achieving great results, and it will change your life.

4. Look for win-win solutions

Our long-term success largely depends on our relationships with other people. But people often act in their own interests and neglect the needs of others, chasing profits. The rule of successful interaction is to always look for a solution beneficial to all parties. Do not believe that victory cannot be achieved but at the cost of another's defeat. Caring for the welfare of others, you are laying a strong foundation for their own success.

5. Seek to hear, not be heard

For successful communication it is very important to be a good listener. Before expressing your own position, carefully listen to your interlocutor and try to understand them the best possible. Empathy and attention to another person is the key to trusting relations and mutually beneficial cooperation.

6. Cooperate

In relations with people, the principle of synergy comes to life: the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. When we cooperate with others, we are able to achieve significantly better results than when acting alone. Different people may have different views on the situation, but it should be a reason not for arguments, but for the creative synthesis. Trust people and be open to the exchange of ideas and cooperation.

7. Improve yourself

To achieve the best possible results, you should work not only on your goals, but also on yourself. It is important to focus on four areas: physical (sports and nutrition), mental (reading and writing), social-emotional (empathy, altruism) and spiritual (learning and meditation). Balanced self-enhancement will bring you to the fulfilment of your dreams.

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