Professions of the Future

In the near future in the United States, it will be extremely difficult to get a good job without higher education. Moreover, not all the specialists with diplomas will be in demand.

According to researchers at Georgetown University, the future will primarily belong to engineers and mathematicians.

They will be needed in any area where highly skilled technicians are needed. The second highest rate of growth of demand will be for health care workers, and not only doctors and nurses, but also consultants on the purchase of health insurance. The third place goes to the teaching profession. The demand for highly skilled office workers will also increase.

By 2018, there will be 3 million less graduates of popular specializations than jobs - in other words, U.S. will experience staff shortages. The reason is that most American students are acting inertly.

Students continue to choose specializations that interest them personally. They do not care what professions are in demand in the labor market.

Studying to become an engineer is not easy, but after graduation employment within the specialization will be guaranteed. Meanwhile, some of the other graduates will be forced to acquire new knowledge and skills necessary for employment. Today graduates of unsolicited specializations search for work for a long time after graduation, and then either return to the university, or do not work within the specialization. Before you go to university to study a particular specialization, ask yourself: "Will that diploma become a pass to the world of professionals?", "Where can I find a job with this diploma?"

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