How to do everything in time: 5 steps


Step 1: Do not put off till tomorrow what you can avoid doing entirely

Before you try to do everything, you should pull all needless actions out of this "everything". And it's more than you think. What you need is to refuse to perform 99% of actions rather than putting them off. Putting things off, you have put the necessary things in the treasury of your stress and nourish with it the remorse for the fact that you do not have time. When you drop the case, you feel freedom and a surge of strength.

Most of them are emergencies that will be resolved by themselves or without your participation. They are not one of your responsibilities in life.

Conclusion: Give up the majority of things entirely: urgency is an illusion.


Step 2: To do everything, do not do what others can do for you

There are affairs that cannot be completely abandoned. Projects must move forward, problems should be solved. But this does not mean you have to do it yourself: delegate your work.

Different people have different talents, and we all go through different stages of life. At this point you have to deal with one thing, and those to whom you delegate - with other. If you know how to delegate, you teach them a lot in the process of working together.


Step 3: Do not give the tasks that facilitate your self-enhancement to others

There are situations when the person to whom you can delegate is near, but you will anyway need the skills required for the job. Here you must use long-term thinking. Assign one-time-only tasks to professionals, pay them money and you'll have time to do everything in life. It is necessary to master yourself what is vital to your success, what you will need to do better in 5 years. 

Conclusion: delegate everything except the affairs that develop your talents, absolutely necessary for a successful business.


Step 4: Before I take on a new commitment, I have to decide which old obligation I will stop

Conclusion: every "yes" in one place should mean a “no” in the other.


Step 5: what I decide to do, I do at 100%

In such a way, I have time not only to do everything, but do it better than others.

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