Tips for Novice Programmers

It is always nice to work with professionals. But every professional was a beginner. Here are some advice for novice programmers:

1. Be self-dependent

If you have some question, firstly try to resolve it yourself. Don’t rely on colleagues and teammates. Use search engines, specialized resources, professional blogs and forums for developers to find solution to the problem.  Solutions to most of typical issues that appear in development process are already described somewhere. You just need to find them.

2. Be able to ask

If you can’t find the answer yourself, don’t hesitate to ask for help. Before asking try to formulate the question clearly. Sometimes the answer is hidden in the question. If you need to ask about some algorithm or scheme, try to use specialized tools. This will help you demonstrate the question effectively and will train your designing skills. 

3. Constantly improve yourself

The technologies in programming are developed rapidly. Most of the things we used 10 years ago are not useful anymore. Be ready to learn new technologies and tendencies all the time to be competitive with others. 

4. Don’t be afraid to estimate

Sometimes there is a need to estimate time for completing some task. This problem is very complicated. There are many different techniques and methods to do this. But the main thing here is your experience. After several mistakes and advice from colleagues you will be able to estimate.

5. Remember about the general structure of the system

Don’t forget about general picture of the system you develop. Sometimes we forget about the main project while working on some parts of the code. This leads to potential conflicts in code and mistakes. Train overall view on system using class diagrams, algorithm schemes, complex data structures and other important components.

6. Use ready solutions reasonably

If you have enough time, the problem is not hard and you know what to do well, you can write your own realization that will harmonically fit into the project. This will give you practical experience and understanding of processes from inside. But in case of lack of time you should use some ready complex tools, for example, different frameworks. Note that you will often need to extend and develop your solution further.

7. Value your work

Value the things you create. Do not spare several minutes to formalize the code according to the standards in the company. Clean up your code, check it for mistakes. Pay attention to details.

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