Happiness in the XXI century

We continue our blog with a kind of philosophical article. We discuss what happiness means in the modern life but the article gives more questions than answers. If you enjoy such stuff - read the material below.

Humanity went through many stages of development. Every historic period gave people different goals, problems and generated different world views. 

Did you ever think in the same context about 21th century? What are the main challenges and trends that 21th century brings to our understanding of the world? 

In the modern world we have what to eat and what to dress, scientific and technical progress improves our life and makes it more comfortable. People are safe, they dream, work, build families and plan future. All of the previously listed are so-called “necessary conditions” of human being. But satisfaction of all needs does not guarantee inner harmony, feeling of happiness and self-realization. This means that improving external life must be supported by systematic work with feelings, psychology, soul, outlook on life. You should work on yourself as individuality with unique set of personal qualities. 

21th century is the time of active development in different spheres, in particular in self-discovery. We see the quick growth of number of psychological centers and trainings, more and more people use them and open new faces of their inner world. Specialists in psychology propose different methods, directions and ways of self-development. Everybody wants to feel the sense of living and feel pleasure of every moment of life. Start with yourself, think about your motivation, acting and goals from a new point of view. Everyone begins with a different start but the aim is the same – being happy.

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