What Makes You Successful

Success and the ways to reach it - one of the most popular topics in psychology. Thousands of books are already written about success. TV and magazines show us successful people. But what actually is success? What qualities make difference between successful and unsuccessful people?

Successful people

Look for new possibilities
Act right now
Strive to achieve more
Fall and get up again and again
Patient and ready to work
Are not afraid of failure
Believe in themselves
Follow the call of their Dream

Unsuccessful people

Look for barriers and obstacles
Postpone action to future
Want everything to remain the same
Fear to fall
Need motivation from outside
Are afraid of risk
Want everything immediately at once
Failures disappoint
Believe in words about them
Follow small goals









In case any problems occur, successful people look for solutions, possibilities to solve them while other people don’t try to do anything. They believe in their dreams even they seem to be impossible. Real success comes to people that are not afraid of risk and continue trying after all failures. Successful people know their goals and go towards them all the life. They don’t pay attention to scepticism of people around and continue achieving the goal of their life. Everybody can become successful if he changes himself and starts thinking globally.

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