Speed up your mind!

“I can’t do this because I am not able to”. These words block our progress. In your early childhood you even were not able to walk. You did your first uncertain steps and felt again and again. Parents encouraged you and every new success was very exciting. You studied more and more all the time in childhood. You learnt how to write, read and speak. The Newton’s law is suitable here: moving mind strives to remain moving.

1. Don’t be lazy

If you make two steps forward and one step backward, you move faster than if you stay. Before we start doing some work, we are already afraid of it. This fear starts to live its own life but if the goal is achieved we see that it is not so difficult as we thought before.

2. Divide your work into small parts

Every big task can be divided into small parts. If you are learning a new song, first learn one note, then one line, then one verse and then all together. Practice every stage and repeat every action until you remember it. You should move forward and get required skills step-by-step.

3. Don’t be afraid to lose

You will fail again and again. And this is good! Learn to love defeats! Every nice photo is preceded by hundreds of worse photos. Every such fail is a chance to learn something. The success does not come at once – it comes after many unsuccessful tries and approaches. 

4. Measure your progress

It is recommended to measure the success of your studying. The marks are needed not to compare you with others but to compare your current progress with previous. Without measurements you risk to move blindly and not to receive encouragement of your progress. Analyze how far you are.

5. Enjoy

Relax and do not take all seriously. The best way to study is to play. Try to transform all into a game and enjoy the process. 

6. Challenge yourself

Every work requires effort. We reach the highest results as we accept the Challenge. If every new problem that appears challenges you then there is nothing to stop you.

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