Ig Nobel Prizes 2013

The Ig Nobel Prizes were given in USA to the authors of the most extravagant ideas and absurd scientific researches. This year the ceremony took place in Harvard University, Boston.

Award winners received a hammer in a glass box, certificate and a trillion of Zimbabwean dollars – one banknote :)

This year the prize was given in 10 nominations. Here are some of them:

Medicine: mice and opera

A group of Japan and Chinese scientists discovered the influence of opera on mice with transplanted hearts.

Psychology: alcohol and attractiveness

Scientists from France, Holland and Poland were awarded for the confirmation of the fact that drunken people really think they are attractive. 

Biology and Astronomy: bugs and stars

Researches from Sweden, Germany, Australia and Republic of South Africa proved that lost bugs look for the way to home navigating by the Milky Way.

Security and Engineering: antiterrorist method for airplanes

The security system was designed by American engineer. It catches a terrorist into a special trap, packs and throws him with a parachute through a special hole. The police which are called by the radio signal wait for him on the ground.

Physics: walking on the water on the Moon

The group of scientists was awarded for the publication of the proof that some people can walk on water in a lake if they are located in the Moon.

Chemistry: onion and tears

Researchers from Japan proved that biochemical process that causes crying while cutting onion is more complicated than thought before. 

Probability Theory: lying and standing cows

Scottish scientists get the award for 2 interconnected discoveries. Firstly, the longer the cow lies, the probability that it will stand up grows. At the same time, if the cow stands, it is very hard to predict the moment when it will lie down.

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